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Cryotherapy has a potentially wide range of applications during manual therapy treatments. Here is a well known tip on advising clients how to apply ice at home, particularly on a confined and anatomically uneven area such as the ankle (round either malleoli). A gel ice pack will of course, conform with the shape; another method is to use a polystyrene cup filled with ice.

You can fill several cups with water and freeze in your treatment area, ready for use. Prior to application, simply tear the polystyrene to just below the top of the ice. IMPORTANT: Remember the dangers of ice burns and therefore either run the surface under warm water or wrap in a wet towel flannel ( - if it's dry, it will take too long to transmit the cold). Now glide the cup over the target area providing effective ice-massage. When travelling to a match with a team, you may also carry 2 or 3 cups in a well insulated area of your travel bag.

The really good thing here is that the practitioner (or clients') hands are well insulated from the cold during application.

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