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For a nominal fee we offer study days individually structured towards the needs of participants on the day.  For more information please download here Supported Study Day Information Sheet.


Learning Resources...


Below are links to learning resources which we hope will help your studies:


Working with the Long Covid Client

Sports Massage Videos - Demonstration of massage techniques combined with stretches

SportEx Publications - An excellent publication full of expertly written articles

The Stretching Institute - The Stretching Institute

The Sports Injury Clinic - Sports Injury Clinic on the net

Anatomy Arcade - Great learning tool with plenty of anatomy quizzes

Muscle Atlas - A great resource provided by the Radiology Dept, University of Washington

Aclands Video Atlas of Human Anatomy - narrated videos of dissected human bones, joints, muscles and more


Anatomy Posters - laminated posters in superb detail showing deep and superficial muscles - excellent for any clinic wall


Pocket Anatomy - on-line visual imagery from Pocket Anatomy allowing you to 'scan' through layers of skin, muscles and skelton


Anatomy App - on-line visual imagery from Essential Anatomy

Below are information files which we hope will help your studies:

Musculoskeletal Atlas - Hip Download
Musculoskeletal Atlas - Lower Leg and Ankle Download
Musculoskeletal Atlas - Upper Leg and Knee Download
Musculoskeletal Atlas - Shoulder Download
Musculoskeletal Atlas - Arm Wrist and Hand Download
How to Stretch Download
Research Paper - Effects of Sports Massage on Performance and Prevention of Injury Download
Research Paper - Effects of Massage on Recovery Download
Common Sporting Conditions to Lower Limb - Signs, symptoms, assessments, treatment goals, and advice Download
Common Sporting Conditions to Upper Body - Signs, symptoms, assessments, treatment goals and advice Download
Optimal Contraction Intensity using PNF P.I.R. Download
A Balanced View of Fibularis Muscles Download

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