Corona-virus and training
at Sports Therapy UK

12th June 2020.

We are pleased to update our position with the following information in relation to conforming with government guidelines towards limiting the spread of Covid19. Since the end of March 2020 we have postponed several practical training courses and contacted all affected students directly. We are now preparing to recommence practical training for our courses from the start of July 2020, and dates for these may be found on our website. These changes are subject to further change in relation to government directives.

During the current period, we will continue offering blended learning to our students, as well as some new online courses.

We remain fully committed to ensuring you have an enjoyable and rewarding learning experience fully supported by our tutors and all staff at Sports Therapy UK and we are look forward to seeing many of you again from July 2020 onwards.

Information for new students

If you are thinking of studying with us, please see all courses on our website. Many have been rescheduled since the lockdown and all those currently showing on our Course Dates webpage are available for you to enjoy from July 2020 onwards.

We still have some courses such as First Aid that may be completed online and these comprise full audio presentation tutorials, comprehensive practical demonstrations on video, self-test quizzes to check your learning, plus tutor support by email, phone and conference calls.

All students attending practical training with us in the future will be required to conform with our Working Practise Covid-19 Policy which has been implemented utilising all practicable steps to safeguard the well-being of all our students and staff, as well as preventing the spread of the virus. This Policy and Self-Declaration form will be made available to students shortly before attending our practical training.

We are in close contact with our awarding body Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT) and will continue to conform with their current educational criteria ensuring our students will be eligible for their chosen award upon successfully completing our course.

Information for current students

Please refer to the Announcements on your Canvas online Learner Resource where you will find up to date information of how we are helping students who are at varying stages of their training with us.

We have contacted all course groups where practical training has been postponed, notifying them of new dates to restart courses and help a progression towards a successful outcome for each student.

Additional practise and revision training days to help review and hone all skills prior to resuming your practical training have been scheduled.

Contacting Sports Therapy UK

As we are continuing to work from different locations for the time being, we encourage you to contact us by email as the preferred choice. We will reply as promptly as we can and appreciate your patience and understanding during this very difficult time. Level 3 VTCT Sports Massage Online Course Instructions


Sports Therapy UK Covid-19 Safeguarding Policy

View our Working Policy Document

1 Day Introductory Course to 
Sports Massage - Level 3


We are currently offering this 1 Day introduction as an online course during the Covid 19 Lockdown.



Many of our students enrol straight away onto either our level 3 sports massage course, or from here to our Level 4 Sports Massage Course, but there are often many questions you may want answered before you enrol. Many of your questions may be answered on our respective course webpages about starting or continuing your sports therapy journey, but if you want to experience more about each course, why not join our 1 Day Introduction to (Level 3) Sports Massage Course, or our Level 4 Sports Massage Taster Day ?

1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage

Why not try out our courses by attending this 1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage? We will guide you through the key concepts behind sports massage and provide you with  some basic hands-on skills..

  • Sports massage explained
  • Ethics and professionalism
  • Course structure and requirements
  • History taking and communication
  • Anatomical language
  • Joints and actions
  • Bony prominences and palpation
  • Sports Massage - some basic techniques

Registration 8.50am for a 9.00am start – course close at 5.00pm.

You will also receive a Certificate of Attendance by Sports Therapy UK.

Course Dates

see Course Calendar for all course dates


Or study and practise through our Online Course option.

Course Fee

£85.00 including VAT - this includes course notes and light refreshments. Please note that this course fee is non-refundable and not transferable - see full Terms and Conditions  



Course Progression

The 1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage is the first day of the level 3 sports massage course. If you choose to enrol on the full course within 3 months, you will be credited your Introductory Fee (£42 of £85) against your course fee. You may continue your training on the next available course or return at a later date and attend day 1 again at the start of another course.

Ready to Enrol?

Please click below and complete the online booking form. Once we receive your application and payment, we will reply within 2 working days to confirm your place and provide you with course instructions and guidance notes.

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Levels of Training

There are three levels of nationally recognised awards in soft tissue therapy. Completing your level 3 sports massage course will allow you to work on uninjured tissue so you will be able to help prevent injury and enhance performance. You will learn about professionalism, ethics, insurance, anatomy and physiology, palpation, massage techniques, their effects and how to adapt these for a range of client types, and in different situations such as clinical, pre and post competition.
You must complete level 3 before moving to your level 4 sports massage course, when you will study more about the effects of trauma and overuse on soft tissues, a broader range of assessment techniques, client analysis, plus more advanced manual therapy techniques designed to further enhance physical wellbeing, and encourage recovery from injury.
At level 5, you will expand your range of skills and knowledge still further to become a more diverse and accomplished practitioner. You will learn more about injuries, specialised client assessments such as gait analysis, treatment planning and rehabilitation.

Recognised Qualifications

The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) regulates qualifications, examinations and assessments in England. Ofqual is an independent body reporting directly to parliament.

In October 2015, Ofqual officially launched the Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF).

"The framework should help people understand all the qualifications we regulate, general and vocational in England, and vocational in Northern Ireland, and how they relate to each other. Its intention is to improve consistency around how awarding organisations describe the size and challenge, or demand, of the qualifications they offer." Ofqual
You should choose a course that carries a nationally regulated qualification on the RQF. This will mean your training will culminate in gaining a qualification by one of several awarding organisations such as the Vocational Training Charitable Trust (VTCT).

Make sure you choose the right provider as there are a number of available sports massage courses that claim to be registered level 4, or level 5 qualifications – if you see the word ‘endorsed’ this is not the same as the course being regulated. Be sure to check the status of these before registering.

We can guarantee the regulated status of ALL our qualifications and the significant currency that these carry across Europe.

Professional Organisations

The Sports Massage Association are the recognised membership body for this form of manual therapy in the UK. They provide a range of benefits and protect the interests of their members who may become eligible to join at varying levels depending on qualifications and experience.

What Makes a Good Quality Course?

All worthwhile course will comprise both extensive theory and a range of practical skills. Training will take place over an extended period for good reason as there is much to learn and the manual skills you are taught will take time to develop.

Our Courses

We constantly strive to provide high standards of training. Our flexible training options, recognised awards, experienced tutors and long-term reputation appeal to people of all ages and backgrounds - check out our video above to hear some of our student stories. We look forward to supporting you and helping you achieve your aspirations.

Our Training Venue

We have 2 lecture rooms and 2 treatment clinics at our training venue, BeActive Clinic in the centre of Hertford, Hertfordshire. This pretty town has excellent transport links and local amenities making your stay on our courses that much more enjoyable. To find out more about our location, click here.

Our Guarantee

We offer a 'no quibble' course guarantee, giving you the comfort of knowing that if you're not happy you can get a refund and avoid wasting your time, effort and money on a course that's not right for you - please see our level 3 sports massage course page for further details.
Our guarantee applies to full courses only and does not apply to the introductory day below.

Ready to Enrol?

If you want to join our 1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage Course please click below and complete the online booking form. Once we receive your application and payment, we will reply within 2 working days to confirm your place and provide you with course instructions and guidance notes.

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Intro Day Dates



see Course Calendar for

all course dates


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Intro Day Fee


> £85

Course Location



We run our courses from the BeActive Clinic in Hertford, near London. Easy access by car and train and only 20 miles from both Luton and Stansted airports.


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