First Aid
for Parents


First Aid for Parents
Online Course


ONLINE ONLY COURSE FEE £14.99 including VAT - this includes all course instructions, access to demonstration videos, presentations, quizzes, and online support.

This online Parents First Aid course is essential for anyone who may have or be having children, look after children for family or friends, grandparents and older brothers and sisters. The course comprises of lessons and video demonstrations designed to add to your existing first aid skills and provide you with specific understanding of primary care for your children and the confidence to take appropriate action in an emergency.

As an online only course this is a great start or refresher for anyone with existing first aid skills. If you have never had hands on training we recommend you follow up on this course with face to face training whenever possible. This will allow you to enjoy some guided learning with our instructor and use equipment such as performing CPR on one of our manakins.

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