Level 3 Sports Massage Course


We offer flexible, affordable sports massage courses and train our students to levels that exceeds industry benchmarks. Our friendly team are always on hand to support our students both during the course and beyond.


Level 3 Sports Massage Course



Starting your Sports Massage Course
during the Corona-Virus Pandemic


We have created Video Demonstrations, Audio-Presentations, Quizzes, Online Guidance and Support to help you start this course without delay during the government restrictions. These are supplementary lessons and in most cases will therefore not replace the practical training that will follow which is the main and essential means of learning. Accordingly, the practical training may be restructured for your course but will still include the same high quality instruction received by all our students. To enrol, simply complete our booking form and you will receive the normal course guidance, plus additional instructions for our online tuition.

The Sports Therapy UK Level 3 Sports Massage Course combines scientific theory and extensive practical training. The course was written and developed by Tim Paine, founder of Sports Therapy UK, and his book The Complete Guide to Sports Massage is the core text for this course.

During the course you will be guided on all aspects of functional anatomy, physiology, and how to recognise common sports injuries. For the practical training you will learn skills and techniques that will enable you to plan, prepare, and apply sports massage therapy to prevent injury and improve performance.



Upon achieving this award you will be qualified to carry out verbal, physical and observational assessments, analyse your results and plan your treatments to meet the needs of each individual client. Your treatment strategies will be enhanced by your ability to advise clients on activities, exercise and stretching to extend the benefits derived from your soft tissue techniques.


You will be able to treat muscle and postural imbalances, strains, tight muscles, delayed onset muscles soreness (DOMS), stress and vocational related tension, plus other conditions. Your aims will include reducing muscle tension, discomfort, oedema, increasing joint ranges, mobility, posture, and exercise performance.


VTCT Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention


You will also be enrolled upon the above course which is a knowledge-based qualification aimed at sports massage therapists who need to understand the COVID-19 infection prevention methods required in the working environment in order to maintain high levels of health and safety in the provision of their services to clients.


Recognition and Awards

Upon successfully completing all elements of our Level 3 sports massage course you will receive:

  • A VTCT Level 3 Sports Massage Diploma
  • A Sports Therapy UK Certificate in Sports Massage
  • A VTCT Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19)

A VTCT award is a regulated qualification on Ofqual’s national framework and in addition our course is also endorsed by the Register for Exercise Professionals (REPS). We can guarantee the regulated status of our qualifications and the significant currency that these carry across Europe. Our course covers a breadth of training that incorporates all of the VTCT criteria and thereby leads to the 2 awards listed above.

With your level 3 sports massage qualification, a current first aid certificate and professional indemnity insurance you will be able to work either part or full-time as a sports massage therapist. You will have the confidence and the skills to practice in a safe and professional manner, helping prevent injury and enhance the physical wellbeing of active people, whatever their age.

Upon successfully completing the VTCT award you will be eiligble 



Flexible Award Programme

Our Flexible Award programme allows you the best available choices of how and when you wish to progress with your vocational training, culminating in a nationally recognised award on the Qualifications and Credits Framework (QCF).


We are the only private training organisation in the UK offering separate Level 3, Level 4 and Level 5 Sports Massage Qulaifications. Once you finish your Level 3 award, you can choose to continue straight onto our Level 4 course, or you may take a break of up to 18 months before continuing onto Level 4.


After completing your Level 3 Sports Massage Course you can practise professionally, and enhance your learning and client base by continuing onto our Level 4 Sports Massage course, which will give you the skills and knowledge to assess and treat injuries.


See Flexible Award Programme below for available course discounts.


Entry Requirements

To join our sports massage course you must be over 18 years old, physically able to do the work and have good communication skills. All study materials will be provided to help you prepare for the practical training.

> Course Dates & Location

Our practical training courses are held at our sister company, BeActive Clinic, Hertford near London. There is easy access from the A10 and A1 motorway and the venue is only 20 miles from both Stansted and Luton airports.


For anyone travelling by train, we are less than a mile from Hertford North train station – a regular service departs from London Kings Cross and takes between 48-56 minutes. 


We can provide a list of recommended and affordable accommodation options.


Intensive Training 


Our intensive sports massage course comprises of home study and a 5 day intensive course followed by a long weekend (3 days) training 10 to 12 weeks later, allowing you time to practice and consolidate your learning. 


Weekend Training 


Our weekend training comprises of home study and four practical training weekends over a 3-4 month period. 

As there is high demand for our courses, we regret that you cannot mix dates from different courses as this means taking 2 course places - one from each course.

see Course Calendar for all course dates


> 1 Day Introduction to Sports Massage 


If you would prefer to attend our Introduction to Sports Massage, this will let you experience our training, give you more insight to the content and structure of the course, and allow you to try some basic techniques to see if it is right for you. For more details and to book, click here.


Course Fees, Interim Payments and Other Costs

To secure your place on the course the course fees may be paid as set out below.

Due to our reduced costs for delivering the practical training on weekdays instead of weekends we are able to offer a £90 reduction in course fees for this option. This will automtically be adjusted when you select your course dates.


Interest Free interim payment scheme available below:


Intensive (5 days + long weekend)

1.  In Full - £1490
2.  By deposit of £395 plus payment of £1095 before the start of the course 
3.  By deposit of £395, plus three consecutive monthly payments of £365.
 All prices quoted include V.A.T. at the current rate

4 Weekends

1.  In Full - £1598
2.  By deposit of £395 plus payment of £1203 before the start of the course
3.  By deposit of £395, plus three consecutive monthly payments of £401.
All prices quoted include V.A.T. at the current rate


Please note that your deposit is non-refundable. If you start your practical training and then withdraw from the course you will still be liable for the full course fee. 


Flexible Award Programme and Level 4 Discount


If you complete your VTCT Level 3 Practical Training with Sports Therapy UK and progress to starting Level 4 within two years, you will be eligible for our Loyalty Discount of 12.5%. To apply, please select the fees including Loyalty Discount and attach a copy of your VTCT Level 3 Diploma.


This may bring your total fees for training to Level 4 to as low as £2938 in total (inc VAT at the current rate).


To take advantage of this offer you will be required to:


  • Commence any available scheduled Level 4 course within 2 years of the final day of your Level 3 practical training.
  • The saving will be deducted from the balance of your course fees after paying your course deposit.
  • If, for any reason you apply to defer your Level 4 practical training after enrolling on a course, your discount will be revoked.


Finally, once you have completed your Level 4 training you will be eligible for our Loyalty Discount of 25% off all Level 5/CPD modular courses.


Please note this discount is not available with our First Aid course which is already offered at a highly competitive rate.



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Course Syllabus


  • Client Care

Equipment & Safety ♦ Defining boundaries for Sports Massage ♦ Communication and History Taking ♦ Client Comfort and Reassurance ♦ Sports Massage Benefits and Precautions.

  • Client Assessment and Treatment

Principles of Rehabilitation ♦ Musculo-skeletal Imbalances ♦ Sports Massage Techniques ♦ Assessing Posture and Joint Ranges ♦ Palpation & Surface anatomy ♦ Soft Tissue Conditions ♦ Sports Massage Techniques ♦ Treatment Planning and Management.

  • The Theory of Sports Massage

Soft Tissue Repair ♦ Science and Application of Stretching ♦ Tissue Types and Behaviour ♦ Common Sporting Conditions & Injuries ♦ Sports Massage and Improving Performance.

  • Sports Massage Ethics and Accepted Practice

Keeping Records ♦ Code of Conduct ♦ Industry Standards ♦ Insurance to Practice ♦ Setting up and building a successful Practise ♦ Working at Events ♦ Working with Other Professionals in Healthcare.

This course content forms the start of the Level 4 sports massage course – see Flexible Awards programme.

Here is a table showing the VTCT Units, titles and credit values which combine to form the VTCT Level 3 Diploma in Sports Massage Therapy.



Ofqual unit reference

Unit title

Credit Value





Anatomy and physiology for sports massage






Principles of Health & Fitness






Understand the principles of soft tissue dysfunction






Professional practice in sports massage






Sports massage treatments




IP2A4 603/6161/X

Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19)

  4 2


The Level 3 qualification will provide an excellent platform to start your business from, and to progress to more advanced awards such as our Diploma course. 


Course Benefits 


  • Structured home study
  • High quality practical training
  • Video demonstrations of skills for added support
  • The Complete Guide to Sports Massage texbook included
  • Academic support by phone, email, and post
  • Canvas online mamagement learner system, plus phone app, and group contact
  • Students subscription to Co-Kinetic - sports massage articles and research
  • Open invitation to attend events providing sports massage with our teams
  • Online library of Learning Resources
  • VTCT Lifetime Membership
  • VTCT Level 3 Sports Massage Award
  • Sports Therapy UK Certificate
  • Eligible to join The Sports Therapy Association
  • Option to progress straight to Level 4 - see Flexible Award Programme above


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Course Structure 

Home Study


To become a competent practitioner it is essential to have a strong understanding of anatomy, physiology, the science underpinning the use of sports massage, and professional codes of practise. Our Home Study programme will require you to study:

  • The Complete Guide to Sports Massage
  • Anatomy & Physiology on-line resources,
  • and Sports Therapy UK Course Notes.

Full details will be available through our Course Study Guide.

Practical Training - Weekend or Intensive


Number attending each course: up to 14 students

Practical Training is delivered either over 4 weekends or 5 + 3 days for our Intensive Course, with expert tutors and practitioners.


Our courses are designed to fit in with other activities and work commitments. We hold two types of practical training – weekend or intensive sports massage courses that run from 9.00am to 5.30pm.

The weekend sports massage course is run over 4 weekends (approximately 1 weekend per month). The intensive sports massage course is conducted over 5 consecutive days and is followed by a long weekend (3 days) 10 to 12 weeks later. This allows time for practice and further learning before completing the reaminder of the course syllabus, revision and final assessment over the final 3 days. There will also be an opportunity to enrol on a supervised Level 3 study day part way through the break to help with your studies and practical skills. 

We pride ourselves on the quality of our sports massage course and ensure that students train to standards that exceed industry benchmarks, giving them the confidence to practice as competent sports massage therapists.

You will receive 60-67 contact hours through the practical training which is structured to achieve a balance between demonstrations, practical sessions and lectures, putting particular emphasis on student participation and tutor guidance.

You can expect to be learning with between 6 and 14 students. For many of our classes two tutors will be present.


Please note that the intensive sports massage course will comprise of 5 consecutive days, followed by a final practical training period of 3 days over a long weekend 10 to 12 weeks later, allowing time for practice and further learning. 


Meet the Team

Our team of sports massage tutors are experienced lecturers and trainers who also actively practice sports massage therapy. The Sports Therapy UK team has been put together by founder Tim Paine, who also wrote and developed the Sports Therapy UK course and has written The Complete Guide To Sports Massage that is used as a core text. Tim, along with Jade Revell, also act as consultants for awarding organisations who set standards in sports massage therapy. 

Meet the whole team > 


Assignments & Exams




An assessment of your practical skills will be made during your practical training. A record of assessment book will show details of this and all practical assignments as they are completed. Soon after starting your practical training you will be encouraged to practise your sports massage skills on family and friends and to record your findings on all treatments carried out.


Case Study

Record of assessment cards and a case study relating to treatments you have carried out must be carefully recorded and submitted as part of your course work. Full details of all requirements relating to these assignments will be contained in your course record and discussed further during your practical training. Sports Therapy UK organise frequent participation at sporting events for sports massage therapists.


Field Experience

Once you have passed your practical assessment you will be required to attend at least one competitive sporting event to provide pre and post competition sports massage. We organise participation at a range of sporting events e.g. the London Marathon and invite our students to attend under supervision and with support. This field experience is invaluable and always provides a great boost to confidence.



Theory Examinations

There is one multiple choice paper on Anatomy and Physiology which is taken by all students on the final part of your practical training.The fees for all examinations and assessments are included, although fees will be charged for any possible retakes at the time of sitting and these are offered in January, April, July or October each year. 

Book A&P Theory Exam

COVID Infection Prevention Theory Examination


You will also be required to sit a 30 minute on-line multiple choice exam based on 6 home study lessons for the Level 2 Award in Infection Prevention (COVID-19) course which is a co-requisite course to the Level 3 Sports Massage VTCT qualification.


Course Completion

All exams and course assignments must be completed within 8 months of the final day of your practical training. This will allow you to structure your home study and practise alongside other commitments you may have, and to successfully achieve your award. 


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Please go to Exams on our Course Dates webpage for dates and application dates. 


Equipment and other costs


Student insurance cover to practice whilst studying is available, although you will be covered by Sports Therapy UK insurance whilst under the direct tutelage of our tutors.  

To set up as an independent sports massage therapist you will need to purchase a portable couch and sundry items, and hold a current recognised first aid certificate. A one day First Aid at Work qualification is normally the minimum requirement to be eligible to practice and costs may vary according to the provider.


If you buy a good quality couch and accessories, you may expect to spend a total of £300, although costs can be reduced significantly by shopping around for cheaper alternatives. Full guidance towards purchasing the right equipment will be given at the start of your practical training.

> Supported Self Study Day

The day will be structured according to the needs of those students attending, so we begin the day with a brief group discussion where we list all the topics and skills ‘requested’ by each of the participants. Our tutor will then structure a day balanced between instruction and practical demonstrations considering as many of, or all the listed requests. Each student may then choose which parts of the day they wish to participate in with the tutor, and which others they may prefer to leave, and simply continue practising or studying with a partner. So, your Study Day will be exactly that, a day of reviewing specific topics, watching ‘refresher’ demonstrations, revising and practising.
Self enrolment required at BeActive Clinic - go to Supported Self Study Day at foot of page - https://beactive.pike13.com/offerings



Course Guarantee


For those starting a Level 3 course, we appreciate you may be uncertain about training with us and so we offer a 'no-quibble' money-back guarantee.


If you are not completely satisfied with the standards of training and course materials offered, Sports Therapy UK will refund all course fees paid, less an administration fee of £90. This guarantee will be honoured if notification and reasons are received in writing within 48 hours of completing the first 2 days of your practical training. The refund will be made within 14 days of your written claim and from when all course textbooks have been returned in a resalable condition to Sports Therapy UK.

Loyalty & Other Discounts

Once enrolled as a student of our full Level 3 Certificate or Level 4 Diploma courses you will be entitled to a discount of 25% as part of our Customer Loyalty Scheme when progressing onto any of our CPD/Level 5 modules.

We also offer discount terms for bookings of more than one person – please contact us for more details. Note: you may use only one available discount for each course.

Ready to Enrol?

Please complete the online booking form to book your place on your chosen course dates. You will receive a confirmation of booking and we will then be in touch by phone or email to organise the next steps.

If you have any questions, email us: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call us 01438 718755.


Ways to Learn

Practical training options:


  • 7 day intensive or
  • 4 weekends


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Course Location



We run our courses from the BeActive Clinic in Hertford, near London. Easy access by car and train and only 20 miles from both Luton and Stansted airports.


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Upcoming Course Dates


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VTCT Course


  • VTCT Level 3 Diploma
  • Sports Therapy UK Certificate

Course Fees


> From £1433 to £1598

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