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> Yoga and Pilates Instructor Courses


We have teamed up with B-Fit Training Academy to offer Yoga and Pilates instructor courses from BeActive Clinic in Hertford. We are delighted to be able to extend the range of recognised and accredited courses through our Sports Therapy UK website.


> About B-Fit Training Academy


Our trainers have years of experience and industry knowledge that we want to share and we want to help you achieve your goals as a Yoga or Pilates Instructor.


We have a passion for fitness and really do care how you learn, progress, and what you achieve.


> Entry Requirements


To register on either of these instructor courses, To join our course you must be over 18 years old, physically able to do the work and have good communication skills. All study materials will be provided to help you prepare for the practical training.


Although no formal qualifications are required, it is very important to have plenty of experience practising either Yoga or Pilates.



Teach Yoga


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that dates back over 5,000 years. It’s a holistic form of exercise that promotes the union of mind, body and universal spirit. Those who practice yoga regularly reap many benefits, including greater strength, increased flexibility, improved posture, relaxation and many more benefits that have been proven over the time. For many Yoga is not just much more than a profession but a lifestyle.


To succeed as a yoga teacher, it is necessary to develop a deep understanding of all things yoga and an ability to perform the techniques effectively, you will definitely need to have been regularly attending classes.


The training we will provide will be comprehensive and on-going. We want you to start your Yoga teaching journey full of knowledge and confidence. For all of the courses we truly you believe you should have previous knowledge, attended classes or develop as much understanding as possible prior to commencement of the course.


What type of Yoga:

A blended fusion of Yoga that allows students to learn what they need to teach but allows them to develop their own style of teaching.


The style we offer will be an exciting mix of Hatha, Iyengar, Sivananda and Astanga. 


We want our students to go out into their teaching career with creativity, happiness and confidence so that they teach their own classes from the heart. We are here to help you as much as you need, any questions you may have please feel free to contact us.


How to become a Yoga Instructor

The question every budding yoga teacher asks themself is, “Am I good enough?” Of course you are! Approach your training with an open mind. Yoga is for everyone, so with a willingness to learn, you’ll get good enough. The word Yoga means a union – to learn you are uniting the body and the mind.


Prior to enrolling it is very important to have a certain amount of experience under your belt. There is no designated length of time you must have practiced before enrolling in a teacher-training course:. Every one is different and so is everyones Yoga practice, so deciding if you are ready to start teacher training really depends on you.


You will start a journey with us and you will develop your practice, confidence and ability. If you have gained a good knowledge prior to the course it will definitely be easier and you will recognise postures and teachings. Yoga can help to transform your body and your mind, as this happens your preference for different poses and even yoga styles may change. It is essential as you begin the personal spiritual and physical journey that yoga enables when you are ready.


B Fit Training Academy will be with you every step of the way, we want to enjoy your new career. We will help you in every aspect of your journey, develop your skills and knowledge. Most importantly ensure you enjoy what you learn.



> Course Dates & Location


HERTFORDSHIRE - BeActive Clinic, Hertford.  

Thurs 1st June 1 Day per week for 12 weeks ending Thurs 17th Aug £1200 
Thurs 7th Sept 1 Day per week for 12 weeks ending Thurs 30th Nov (inc 1 week break 26th Oct) £1200



Become a Pilates Instructor


Pilates is a popular form of exercise pioneered in the early 20th century by Joseph Pilates. Known for its rehabilitation, core strengthening, balance improving, and stress level reducing benefits. It’s also a fantastic exercise approach for promoting and correcting posture, and many, many other benefits.


Our Level 3 Mat Pilates course will develop lasting skills and knowledge, We want you to go into the industry with the confidence and enthusiasm. As training providers we will offer you unlimited support and flexible options to help us deliver to you the best Pilates training experience in the industry.

How to become a Pilates Instructor

For any of our courses you need a passion for people and you have to have excellent communication skills. To teach Pilates you need a love for Pilates and an enthusiasm to express this to your clients. We strongly recommend attending regular classes prior to enrolling on the course.


What you will learn:

You will learn how to teach Mat Pilates to a group of individuals and adapt exercises for their different needs and requirements. You will also learn how to prescribe exercises and give advice to individuals with specific postural conditions on a one-one basis also:


  • Principles of exercise, fitness and health
  • Anatomy and physiology for exercise and health
  • Know how to support clients who take part in exercise and physical activity
  • Health, safety and welfare in a fitness environment
  • Principles of Pilates Matwork
  • Programme Pilates Matwork
  • Instructing Pilates Matwork



> Course Dates & Location


HERTFORDSHIRE - BeActive Clinic, Hertford.  

Fri 2nd June 1 Day per week for 12 weeks ending Fri 18th Aug £1200
Fri 8th Sept 1 Day per week for 12 weeks ending Fri 1st Dec (inc 1 week break 27th Oct) £1200



> Course Fees


The fee for each course is £1200. This covers all course materials, examination and assessment fees so there are no additional costs.



Course Syllabus

Each course includes face to face class instruction, e-learning, and individual guidance.



> Course Structure & Duration

Each course includes training 1 day per week over 12 weeks from BeActive Clinic in Hertford.



> Equipment and Other Costs


There are no essential materials or equipment required to complete the Yoga or Pilates Instructor courses.



For full course details and how to book, please go to: 



Course Fees


> £1200.00

Course Duration


All modules, assignments and work-log must be successfully completed within 24 months of registration.



This course leads you to the Level 5 VTCT Sports Massage Award, plus our Sports Therapy UK Higher Diploma in Sports Therapy.

All Course Dates


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VTCT Course


  • VTCT Level 5 Diploma
  • Sports Therapy UK Certificate

Training Venue & Map



We run our courses from the BeActive Clinic in Hertford, near London. Easy access by car and train and only 20 miles from both Luton and Stansted airports.


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