Flexible Award Programme

We offer a comprehensive range of vocational courses which forms our Flexible Award Programme giving you the greatest flexibility and options of how and when you wish to progress your training and achieving nationally recognised Awards at Levels 3, 4 & 5.

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We offer a range of courses to help practitioners develop and expand their repertoire of knowledge and skills. Some of these form Level 5 modules towards our Advanced Practitioner Award. We also arrange short seminars for sports clubs, colleges, schools...

Diploma in Sports Massage

Expand your expertise over 8 weekends of practical training to become an accomplished practitioner with a broad range of client assessment skills and the ability to treat soft tissue conditions. Upon completion you will gain a Level 4 Award...

Certificate in Sports Massage

Start your career with this nationally recognised Level 3 course combining 4 weekends of practical training with distance learning. You will learn a range of techniques and theory aimed at enhancing performance and injury prevention for active people...

Sports Therapy Courses


Sports Therapy Courses
High Quality, Flexible Training at a pace that suits you...


We have been established since 2001 and offer specialist training of the highest standards leading to professional nationally recognised qualifications. Our unique Flexible Award Programme allows you to adapt our training to meet your individual needs, and progress between awards at a pace to suit you.


Our tutors are highly experienced, professional lecturers and practitioners. Registrar, Tim Paine is currently working on the 3rd edition of our Course textbook, The Complete Guide to Sports Massage, and Lead Tutor, Jade Revell is collaborating with Tim on the next book on Advanced Soft Tissue Techniques. We consistently strive to provide the best learning and teaching resources, and to support you becoming an established practitioner.

You will enjoy the benefits of our well developed programmes as well as many additional benefits and opportunities:


Certificate in Sports Massage Diploma in Sports Massage

Sports Massage Intro Day


Introduction to
Sports Massage Training

Here we will guide you through some industry standards, how far you can take your training, who will recognise your qualifications, and much more:

  • Levels of Training
  • Recognised Qualifications
  • Professional Organisations
  • What should training consist of?
  • Anatomical Language
  • Our Courses
  • Our Training Venue
  • Our Guarantee


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The Treatment Room


The Treatment Room


Tips, tricks and advice for you as Sports Therapy Practitioners


Enter the Treatment Room

London Marathon


We provide in training experience at sporting events


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From Trainee to your own practice 


How the courses progress


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Sports Therapy UK Publications

By Tim Paine MA



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> UK Sport

> The Metropolitan Police

> H.M Prison Service

> University of Bedfordshire

> Military Personnel




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